Reloadable rocket motors. Cheaper than Single-Use as only the propellant is replaced after each flight. Here you find only the casings, reloads are listed in their respective categories.

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  • Aft Closure 38 mm - Aerotech

  • Forward Seal Disk 38mm -...


    Seal disk for Aerotech High Power reloadable motors RMS 38/480, RMS 38/600, RMS 38/720, and RMS 38/1080. Required for all the reloads used in these motors.

  • Forward Closure 38mm -...


    Standard forward closure for Monster 38 mm high power reloadable rocket motors. This is the usual closure with delay space and ejection charge receptacle.

  • UDDT - Universal Delay...


    Set the delay of your Aerotech reload

    The Universal Delay Drilling Tool is used to shorten the delay time of Aerotech DMS single-use. By adjusting the delay time you can get the parachute ejected at the perfect flight time you calculated.

  • Forward Closure Retainer...


    This retainer ring replaces the standard forward closure of 38 mm RMS motors when using RMS-EZ reloads

  • Forward Seal Disk 54 mm -...

  • Forward Seal Disk 29mm -...


    Seal disk for Aerotech High Power reloadable motors RMS 29/240 and RMS 29/360. Required for H210R, H220T, I200W e H268R reloads used in these motors.

  • Casing 38/480 - Aerotech


    High Power 38/480 reloadable motor casing only. Does not include closures. If you already own a 38 mm High Power RMS motor, with this case you can use all the reloads kits made for it.

  • P24-CR Adapter per ProDAT


    Adapter to use the Pro38-DAT delay tool with Cesaroni Pro24 reloads.

  • Reloadable motor P38-3G - CTI


    Reloadable 38mm motor Cesaroni P38-3G. The aft threaded closure is not required because it is included in the motor reload. Uses High Power reload kits of H and I class that can be purchased by owner of an HPR Certification Level 1

  • Reloadable motor RMS 24/40...


    Aerotech RMS 24/40 reloadable motor hardware set. Includes the casing, one forward closure and one aft closure. This motor is an ideal choice to give more power to rockets made for 24 mm motors like Estes D-type, or as your first reloadable. 

  • Forward Seal Disk 75 mm -...


    Forward seal disc for Aerotech/Monster 75 mm reloadable motors. This is a replacement part, the disc is normally included in RMS 75/5120, RMS 75/6400 and RMS 75/7680 motor hardware.