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Scale Rockets

Scale and sport scale rocket kits, replicas of real life rockets, missiles and space rockets.

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  • Saturn 1B - Estes


    This Estes Saturn 1B is a stunning 1:100 replica of the famous rocket of the Apollo era. Rich of parts to be assembled, this kit is a real fun to build and fly, and can be also a wonderful static model.

  • Saturn V Skylab - Estes


    A magnificent 1/100 scale replica of the last Saturn V launched by NASA, to carry the first inhabited orbital space station, the Skylab. Exciting launches with 29 mm E and F engines, and spectacular three-parachute recoveries.

  • Doorknob - Estes


    Mid-power flying replica of the American Doorknob sounding rocket for nuclear tests.

  • Black Brant II - Estes


    Scale replica of the famous Black Brant II sounding rocket, for 24 mm model rocket motors.

  • AGM-84 SLAM Harpoon - LOC


    Semi-scale kit replica of the cruise missile for land attack AGM-84 SLAM Harpoon. Thanks to its interchangeable motor support it can mount a number of different combinations of motors.

  • AIM-54C Phoenix - LOC


    Semi-scale replica of the AIM-54C Phoenix air-to-air missile. Thanks to its interchangeable motor mount it can mount a number of different combinations of motors.

  • Long March 2E (CZ-2E) - Sky


    Scale model of the Chinese Long March 2E (CZ-2E), for engines type B and C. Easy to build, with numerous plastic parts. Already decorated, it does not require painting.

  • Mercury Little Joe I - Estes


    Mandatory in your collection: NASA's Mercury Little Joe I was a historic carrier for the American space program.

  • Long March 3 (CZ-3A) - Sky


    Scale model rocket of the Chinese space launcher Long March 3A (CZ-3A), for engines type A, B and C. Very easy to build, with numerous plastic parts.

  • Black Brant III - Estes


    1/10th scale replica of the Black Brant III sounding rocket, one of the most widely used sounding rockets by NASA and other space research agencies.

  • Nike Apache - Estes


    The Nike Apache sounding rocket at 1/12.45th scale. One of the most sought after Estes kits has returned on the market!

  • Nike Smoke 1/10 - Estes


    1/10 scale model of the famous Nike Smoke sounding rocket, for B, C and Klima D motors.