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  • Der Big Red Max - Estes


    75 mm variant of the famous Der Red Max. Mid-power model for 29 mm E and F engines. It can also use 24mm motors with adapters.

  • NASA SLS - Estes


    Flying scale replica of the NASA SLS rocket, designed to carry the Man back to the Moon

  • Astrocam - Estes


    Flying model rocket with digital video-camera on board.

  • Saturn 1B - Estes


    This Estes Saturn 1B is a stunning 1:100 replica of the famous rocket of the Apollo era. Rich of parts to be assembled, this kit is a real fun to build and fly, and can be also a wonderful static model.

  • Starter Set Space Corps...


    Complete set that includes a Space Corps Centurion model rocket, a launch pad and a launch controller. The Estes Centurion space fighter is almost ready to fly.

  • Destination Mars Longship -...


    The Destination Mars Longship is part of the Estes Destination Mars series of model rockets representic a futuristic vision of how the Mars exploration vehicles could be. This rocket is over Over 68 cm tall and powered by D and E engines, this detailed model is impressive on display and on the pad.

  • Destination Mars Leaper -...


    This exotic model rocket is a “replica” of a futuristic jetpack envisioned as a way to rapidly travel between surface habitats on Mars. It really flies!

  • Star Hopper - Estes


    The Estes Star Hopper is a no-glue, no-paint Beginner-Level kit that you can build and launch all in the same day.

  • Xtreme - Estes


    Minimum diameter model rocket, designed for extremely high flights with small motors (18 mm)

  • Saturn V Skylab - Estes


    A magnificent 1/100 scale replica of the last Saturn V launched by NASA, to carry the first inhabited orbital space station, the Skylab. Exciting launches with 29 mm E and F engines, and spectacular three-parachute recoveries.

  • Doorknob - Estes


    Mid-power flying replica of the American Doorknob sounding rocket for nuclear tests.

  • Ghost Chaser - Estes


    Easy-to-assemble model rocket, with a clear payload section for carrying payloads aloft.