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  • Antar - Estes
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    Antar - Estes


    Model rocket kit with an original design, designed by G.Harry Stine, the father of model rocketry. For 18 mm Estes or Klima type motors.

  • Super Orbital Transport -...
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    Super Orbital Transport -...


    Futuristic-looking, boost-glider model rocket. Extensive assemblying is required, this rocket is a lot of fun for those who loves the traditional model rocket construction.

  • Lilienthal 40 - RC Rocket...


    Easy to build radio-controlled rocket glider. A real joy for true modelers! Can fly with TSP L-4 motors as well.

  • Blue Origin New Shepard -...


    The Estes New Shepard is a 1/66th scale flying model of the Blue Origin New Shepard launch vehicle.

  • Pan - Klima


    Model rocket kit, easy to assemble and to build. 50 cm tall!

  • Green Eggs - Estes


    An Egg lofting rocket designed for Estes C11 and D engines, and ideal for TSP d20 motors.

  • Star Hopper Bulk Pack (12...


    The Estes Star Hopper is a no-glue, no-paint Beginner-Level kit that you can build and launch all in the same day.
    Box of 12 pieces for club, schools, etc.

  • Cygnus - Klima


    Model rocket kit to be built, with cargo compartment to carry an egg to high altitude!

  • Equinox - Klima


    Rocket model kit to build, with an attractive design for building enthusiasts.

  • Phobos + Deimos Starter Set...


    Complete pack with two rocket models. Contains everything needed for launch with multilingual instructions.

  • Phobos - Klima


    Model of easy construction, suitable for beginners and for those who have little time to build. The Phobos is ready to fly in half an hour and is fully colored without the need for any painting.

  • Deimos - Klima


    The Deimos is a small model rocket, simple to assemble and suitable for beginners.

  • Der Big Red Max - Estes


    75 mm variant of the famous Der Red Max. Mid-power model for 29 mm E and F engines. It can also use 24mm motors with adapters.

  • NASA SLS - Estes


    Flying scale replica of the NASA SLS rocket, designed to carry the Man back to the Moon

  • Astrocam - Estes


    Flying model rocket with digital video-camera on board.

  • Rocket plane SAAB Gripen


    Silhouette replica of the swedish fighter SAAB Gripen, all balsa model kit, suitable for TSP-L1 rocket engines. It can also be launched using the elastic slingshot included in the kit.