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38 mm Reload Adapter System - Aerotech

Get the most out of your reloadable 38 mm motors.
The Reload Adapter System allows the use of many types of reloads with only a few different engines, which saves on their purchase.

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With the Reload Adapter System you save a lot by using many different reloads with just two or three motors.

This adapter allows you to "shorten" the Aerotech 38 mm reloadable motors so you can use all the reloads made for shorter 38 mm Aerotech motors (less powerful). In practice, with only two casings you can use all the reloads available for six different engines: a big saving!

The Reload Adapter System works with a principle similar to the spacers included in the Aerotech Low Power reloads, those for RMS 24/40 or RMS 29/40-120 motors: it keeps the propellant grain pushed down against the nozzle, preventing it from moving inside the motor. Unlike Low Power reloads, however, this adapter acts externally to the combustion chamber and essentially allows to use the same reloads with different casings.

The Reload Adapter System consists of three components: a new "floating" front closure which is positioned anywhere within the engine length, two aluminum spacers that are positioned immediately in front of the front closure, and a threaded ring that holds the pieces together. This ring has a large diameter opening that allows the front closure to go through when it is used without spacers. Beyond these peculiarities, there are no other differences from the standard assembly of the motor and the reloads.

The adapter can be used with one or two spacers: when only one spacer is used you will be able to use the reloads made for the motor size immediately preceding the one you want to use; with two spacers you can use reloads made for a motor of two sizes less.

For example:

  • Motor RMS 38/720 with 1 spacer - can use reloads for 38/600
  • Motor RMS 38/720 with 2 spacers - can use reloads for 38/480
  • Motor RMS 38/360 with 1 spacer - can use reloads for 38/240
  • Motor RMS 38/360 with 2 spacers - can use reloads for 38/120

So, with only one RMS 38/720 motor and one 38/360 casing you can use almost all the 38 mm reloads, from those made for 38/120 to those made for 38/720.

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