Rocket alone kits

Kits of rockets alone, without launch equipment or accessories.

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  • North American X-15 - Apogee


    Excellent scale flying replica of the famous North American X15, the fastest manned rocket aircraft. This model of X15 uses 29mm motors and is made up of numerous vacuum formed plastic parts for precise reproduction to the tiniest detail.

  • Amarok - Apogee


    Mid-power model for 29 mm E and F engines. It can also use 24mm and 18mm motors with adapters.

  • Long March 2F Shenzhou...


    Scale model of the Chinese Long March 2F (CZ-2F) spacecraft that took the Shenzhou spacecraft, the first Chinese spacecraft to bring men into orbit, into space. For motors type A, B, C and D9. Very easy to build, with numerous plastic parts.

  • Saturn 1B - Estes


    This Estes Saturn 1B is a stunning 1:100 replica of the famous rocket of the Apollo era. Rich of parts to be assembled, this kit is a real fun to build and fly, and can be also a wonderful static model.

  • Destination Mars Longship -...


    The Destination Mars Longship is part of the Estes Destination Mars series of model rockets representic a futuristic vision of how the Mars exploration vehicles could be. This rocket is over Over 68 cm tall and powered by D and E engines, this detailed model is impressive on display and on the pad.

  • Destination Mars Leaper -...


    This exotic model rocket is a “replica” of a futuristic jetpack envisioned as a way to rapidly travel between surface habitats on Mars. It really flies!

  • Star Hopper - Estes


    The Estes Star Hopper is a no-glue, no-paint Beginner-Level kit that you can build and launch all in the same day.

  • Xtreme - Estes


    Minimum diameter model rocket, designed for extremely high flights with small motors (18 mm)

  • Saturn V Skylab - Estes


    A magnificent 1/100 scale replica of the last Saturn V launched by NASA, to carry the first inhabited orbital space station, the Skylab. Exciting launches with 29 mm E and F engines, and spectacular three-parachute recoveries.

  • Flame Thrower - Apogee


    Beautiful two-motors model rocket for 24 mm motors type C11, D, E and F

  • Doorknob - Estes


    Mid-power flying replica of the American Doorknob sounding rocket for nuclear tests.

  • Ghost Chaser - Estes


    Easy-to-assemble model rocket, with a clear payload section for carrying payloads aloft.