Electronic devices, launch pads and launch controllers, accessories for parachute ejection, adhesives and composite materials, construction tools.

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  • Aliphatic glue Logic


    Bottle of aliphatic glue for wood, cardboard and other porous materials.

  • Altimeter TeleMini V3.0 -...


    Electronic barometric altimeter for model rockets, with double deployment and data transmission.

  • Bob Smith Slow-Cure epoxy...


    Two-components epoxy glue, with 30 minutes curing time. High-strength glue to bond wood, cardboard, plastic, metals and other materials.

  • Chute Release Protector


    Protect your Jolly Logic Chute Release with this clever accessory.

  • Launch rail SierraRail


    Anodized aluminium launch rail for every rocket with standard rail guides.

  • Launch Pad SierraPad


    An easy-to-use, versatile and robust launch pad for rockets of all weights: from a few grams up to K motors! It mounts launch rod of any size or launch rails and is adjustable against the wind.

  • TeleBT v3.0 - Altus Metrum


    The easiest way to control, receive and log data from your Altus Metrum flight computer.
    Data transceiver with bluetooth connection for a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • 9 volt battery strap


    A safe and sturdy connector.
    This plastic strap for 9 V batteries ensures a safe contact everytime, and protects from shorts.

  • Chute Release - Jolly Logic


    “Dual deployment” the easy way.
    A clever device to turn any rocket into a dual recovery.

  • Jolly Logic Snap Mount


    Mount your Jolly Logic altimeter easily.
    A useful mount to secure your AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo or AltimeterThree to yoru rocket.

  • AltimeterTwo electronic...


    Get all the information of your rocket flight.
    AltimeterTwo is a very small, self contained altimeter for model rocketry. It is small enough to fit in most rockets, and it provides 10 key flight measures on a display.
    AltimeterTwo is rechargeable, no battery needed, and includes a recharging cable that works in common USB ports.

  • Altimeter-Recorder EasyMega...


    All the power of TeleMetrum without GPS and telemetry link.

    The EasyMega is a high-end recording dual-deploy altimeter for high power model rocketry. It has the same features of TeleMega without the GPS and telemetry link.