About Us

Our company

Sierrafox Hobbies is a division of Sierralab, a company specializing in aerospace supplies to companies, research centers and education institutions.

SierraFox Hobbies specializes in model rocketry and high-power rocketry. Since more than 15 years, we have been serving the rocketry community in Italy, in Europe and in other Countries.

Our mission is very simple: to have the largest possible offer of rocketry products and to serve the customers at top-notch level. In over 15 years we supplied thousands of enthusiasts all over the world, as well as schools, Universities, companies, research institutes.

  • We import from US and Europe
  • Highest level customer service
  • Worldwide shipping

Our team

We're enthusiasts first

Our passion for rocketry started in the Seventies, and we built up a great deal of knowledge since then. Thanks to this knowledge we can help and assit our customers for any needs. We made this hobby available to anyone in Italy and we are one of the preferred source of material among the european enthusiasts. We are also active in organizing events and launch meetings through our sister association ACME Italia.

Our offer

Thousands of products

In this shop you can find all what you need for your rocketry activity: kits for beginners and experts, single use and reloadable rocket motors, parachutes and recovery accessories, launch pads and other ground equipment, altimeters and other electronic devices, and much more. We import mainly from the USA but also from other European countries, and we ship worldwide.
Thanks to cooperation with ACME Italia association, we can issue High Power certifications needed to purchase and fly larger rockets.