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Case P29-1G CTI

Casing for P29-1G CTI 29mm reloadable motor. Pro29 reloadable hardware includes the case only, NOT the Aft Closure.

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This casing has a size comparable of that of an Aerotech RMS 29/60 reloadable motor, but has a wider selection of F reloads.

Pro-29 reloadable motor hardware is very easy to use. Select your reload, adjust the delay following your needs (with Pro38-DAT tool and P29-CR adapter, not included), push the reload into the casing and add the threaded rear closure. You do not need any forward closure because it is included in each reload.

After each flight you just have to dispose of the burned reload and clean the motor. The motor can be used an indefinite number of times.

Cesaroni hardware is very easy to clean after each flight with damp cloth as the reloads do not leave many residues on the internal surface.
Please remember these casings are not compatible with Aerotech reloads.

When to use this engine?

This motor has almost the same size of the Aerotech reloadable motor RMS 29/60 but can use 7 different F reloads, from F29 to F120. This is good because you can launch the same rocket with different flight profiles, depending on the size of your filed, the wind, the altitude you want to get, etc.

The following reloads can be used with this motor:



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98 mm
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