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UDDT - Universal Delay Drilling Tool - Aerotech

Set the delay of your Aerotech reload

The Universal Delay Drilling Tool is used to shorten the delay time of Aerotech DMS single-use. By adjusting the delay time you can get the parachute ejected at the perfect flight time you calculated.

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Adjust the delay as you need!

Aerotech DMS high power single-use motors have a forward closure with the delay element already installed. The delay time is set to the maximum value allowed for each motor, therefore you need to shorten it depending on your rocket requirement.

The UDDT allows you to take 2, 4, 6 or 8 seconds out of the delay by drilling a hole into it. The tool consists in a cylindrical body with a different depth receptacle on both sides, plus an handle with a drilling bit and a spacer. Depending the side you put the forward closure against, it takes 4 or 8 second off the delay, but 2 seconds can be subtracted from this time using the included spacer. In this way you can shorten the delay of 2, 4, 6 and 8 seconds.

When to use this tool?

The UDDT is required to adjust the delay of any Aerotech DMS 38 mm motor