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  • North American X-15 - Apogee


    Excellent scale flying replica of the famous North American X15, the fastest manned rocket aircraft. This model of X15 uses 29mm motors and is made up of numerous vacuum formed plastic parts for precise reproduction to the tiniest detail.

  • Amarok - Apogee


    Mid-power model for 29 mm E and F engines. It can also use 24mm and 18mm motors with adapters.

  • Katana HPR - Apogee


    Large 100 mm diameter model for High Power motors. Equipped with an electronic compartment, it is suitable for achieving the High Power L2 certification.

  • Peregrine HPR - Apogee


    Large, 100 mm diameter rocket for High Power motors. Perfect for those looking for a double deployment rocket. Decals and parachute protection included.

  • IBIS


    Model rocket with a futuristic look, for 18 mm engines type B, C and D9

  • Zephyr HPR - Apogee


    Large flying rocket, suitable for High Power Level 1 certification but can also fly with G engines.

  • Nose cone PNC-98 - Apogee


    5:1 plastic nose cone for LOC/Precision BT-3.90 body tubes.

  • Flying Machine - Apogee


    "Retro" look, functional side boosters, detailed decorations, payload section and large dimensions are the characteristics of this unique rocket!