Nose cone PNC-98 - Apogee


5:1 plastic nose cone for LOC/Precision BT-3.90 body tubes.

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Data sheet

Length604 mm
Exposed length503 mm
Outer diameter102 mm
Inner diameter98 mm
Weight234 g

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This nosecone is suitable for 100 mm LOC / Precision tubes (BT-3.90) and is made of robust plastic material, slightly flexible but with excellent adherence for paints, which will not peel off.
The shape is really ogival with an aspect ratio of 5: 1, which is ideal to have the lowest possible drag coefficient for this shape. Moreover, its slender proportions make any model that fits it looking very elegant.
The shock cord attachment is very thick and sturdy, its round section allows you to wrap around it the shock cord that will rest flat without the risk of being cut.

Suitable for LOC / Precision BT-3.90 tubes.
It can be adapted to PML pipes PT-3.9 or QT-3.9

Length of exposed part: 503 mm
Shoulder length: 101 mm