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North American X-15 - Apogee

Excellent scale flying replica of the famous North American X15, the fastest manned rocket aircraft. This model of X15 uses 29mm motors and is made up of numerous vacuum formed plastic parts for precise reproduction to the tiniest detail.

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A legendary aircraft. The North American X15 was one of the most important experimental aircraft for NASA, due to the series of data on flight at the limits of the atmosphere and at high speeds that it provided during the tests. With its maximum speed of Mach 6 it is still the fastest aircraft ever flown by man.

The model has been manufactured by Apogee using the best materials and perfecting the engineering to achieve maximum reproduction fidelity while maintaining the necessary stability in flight.

Some of the notable features of this kit are the presence of a "baffle" for the protection of the parachute, which makes the use of protective material unnecessary, and a mounting jig to ensure all the wings and stabilizers are assembled with perfectly alignment.

The assemblying is not for beginners, due to the included vacuform parts, but a mid-level modeller can complete it without any problem. It is certainly one of the most beautiful models to make, it requires great attention in the construction to scrupolously respect the balance of the weights and distances of the masses to avoid an unstable flight.

The rocket is designed to fly with 29mm motors but 24mm motors can also be used by purchasing a separate adapter. Recovery takes place via the included 75 cm nylon parachute.

The kit includes:
    • All the parts that make up the model rocket
    • Water decals
    • 80 cm plastic parachute
    • Illustrated and detailed instructions (in English)

To assemble the kit you need (not included):
Cutter, Scissors, Tweezers, Ruler, Pencil, Aliphatic Glue, Plastic Glue, Permanent Spray Glue, Cyanoacrylate Glue (Attack Type), Masking Tape, Clear Adhesive Tape, Fine Abrasive Paper, Spray Paints

To launch this rocket you need (not included):
    • Launch pad with 6 mm launch rod
    • 12 volt launch controller
    • Motors (see recommended motors list)


Data sheet

75 cm
66 mm
416 g
Motor diameter
29 mm
30.5 cm
Nylon parachute
Launch pad
With 6 mm launch rod