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Katana HPR - Apogee

Large 100 mm diameter model for High Power motors. Equipped with an electronic compartment, it is suitable for achieving the High Power L2 certification.

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The Katana is a large 100 mm diameter rocket that is powered by 54mm diameter rocket motors. It is dual-deployment capable with the e-bay compartment included in the kit. Also includes 2 sheets of colorful vinyl decals.
Very robust, it is suitable for achieving Level 2 certification.

The Katana is equipped with a double ejection system. The purpose of the double ejection is to allow a rapid descent of the model to prevent it from being transported away from the wind, and to brake it close to the ground to make it land slowly.

This model is decidedly large, 190 cm well and has a diameter of 100 mm. It weighs more than 2.5 kg and therefore will not reach very high altitudes, but thanks to its size you can easily follow it throughout the flight.

Not only is the shape of this rocket model attractive, it also features two sets of self-adhesive vinyl decals that make it even more beautiful. One set of decals is multicolored, the other is black which will allow you to get a complete decoration without the need for complex masking work.

The kit is massive, contains many parts and uses traditional materials: tubes in kraft cardboard, centering discs in aviation plywood, wooden parts and of course stabilizers in aeronautical birch plywood. The electronics compartment, also to be assembled, is included with all the necessary hardware. The support structure of the stabilizers is interlocking to ensure perfect alignment and easier assembly.

The Katana kit includes the two colored nylon parachutes (45 cm for the drogue, and 120 cm for the main one), the tubular nylon connection cables and the 30 cm Nomex protections for the parachutes. DOES NOT include the motor retainer, which must be purchased separately.

As in all Apogee kits, the instructions (in English) are extremely detailed, almost in a manic way.

The kit includes:

  • All the rocket components
  • Self-adhesive decals
  • Electronic bay (electronic not included)
  • Nylon drogue parachute (45 cm)
  • Nylon main parachute (120 cm)
  • Tubular nylon shock cord
  • Rail guides

NOT included:

  • Glue, paint
  • Motor retainer
  • Motor

Data sheet

190 cm
100 mm
2500 gr
Motor diameter
54 mm
Dual deployment - Nylon parachutes
Launch pad
Rocket type
HPR Level 2
Recommended Engines
I, J, K