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Zephyr HPR - Apogee

Large flying rocket, suitable for High Power Level 1 certification but can also fly with G engines.

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The Zephyr is a rocket kit manufactured by Apogee, one of the highest quality rocketry companies on the American market. The Apogee kits are characterized by a very high quality of materials and workmanship, detailed and very accurate instructions, completeness of components in addition to an always appealing aesthetic.

The Zephir is an excellent rocket for level 1 certification because it is large (100 mm diameter) and robust. The flight is quite slow and the altitude reached is not excessive, which makes it easier to find it after the flight. It can also fly with G engines with a thrust of at least 50 N, so you can test it before your certification flight, or simply launch it if you do not have High Power certification or if the field where you launch does not allow higher flights.

This rocket has a 38 mm motor mount, therefore you can use G reloads fro the Aerotech reloadable RMS 38/120 motor. If you use a 38/29 motor adapter (not included) you can use a wide choice of G motors, single-use and reloadables, and many 29 mm H motors.

It is made of high quality cardboard tube, with slots for the already cut fins and laser-cut wood fins with very high precision. It is easy to build, thanks to its highly illustrated manual, but still requires good construction skills and is therefore not suitable for beginners.

Recovery takes place via the included nylon parachute, which is ejected directly from the engine. The kit also contains the shock cord made of tubular nylon, and the rail buttons.

Needed tools and materials (not included):

  • Sharp knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Wood glue (recommended aliphatic)
  • Epoxy glue
  • 200/220 and 400 grit abrasive paper
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen paper

To fly this model you need (not included):

  • Launchpad with rail guide (such as Sierrapad)
  • Electric launch control with 10-meter cable (only with G motors) type Estes Pro Launch Controller, or with 30 meter cable (for High Power motors).
  • Aerotech RMS 38/120 rechargeable motor
  • Reload G or higher (see recommended engines)

Data sheet

143 cm
100 mm
1096 g
Motor diameter
38 mm
36" nylon parachute
Launch pad
Rocket type
HPR Level 1
Recommended Engines
G (at least 50 N), H, I