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  • Chute Release Protector


    Protect your Jolly Logic Chute Release with this clever accessory.

  • Chute Release - Jolly Logic


    “Dual deployment” the easy way.
    A clever device to turn any rocket into a dual recovery.

  • Jolly Logic Snap Mount


    Mount your Jolly Logic altimeter easily.
    A useful mount to secure your AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo or AltimeterThree to yoru rocket.

  • AltimeterTwo electronic...


    Get all the information of your rocket flight.
    Very small, self contained altimeter for model rocketry. It is small enough to fit in most rockets, and it provides 10 key flight measures on a display.

  • AltimeterOne electronic...


    The AltimeterOne is the easiest way to find out how high your rocket went. Just latch it on the bottom of the nose cone, and launch it. The LCD display shows the exact peak altitude reached by your rocket.