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Barometric Altimeter RRC2L - Missile Works

Barometric altimeter for dual deployment, programmable and configurable via optional LCD terminal

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The RRC2L is a dual deployment barometric altimeter, with functionality for both beginners and experts. Small and easy to install and use, it is pre-programmed for double ejection and for ejection of the main parachute at approximately 166 meters altitude. The settings can be changed using the pushbutton on the device, or with the optional LCD terminal. It is a truly ready-to-use device, at a truly competitive price.

The RRC2L altimeter has several improvements compared to the original RRC2+ because it includes some controls inherited from the "big brother" RRC3. These additional operations are programmed using a fourth, new ejection mode that uses the MAIN output to trigger other events (second stage ignition, stage separation, and more) while maintaining drogue ejection recovery.



  • MSP430 16-bit 16MHz MCU
  • MSI MS5607 pressure sensor

Note: The high-resolution sensor used features a 24-bit ΔΣ ADC, with factory-calibrated internal coefficients providing precise 24-bit digital pressure and temperature.

Operating range

  • 12000 meters above sea level (the sensors are capable of reaching 30,000 meters above sea level)

Note: The RRC2L uses an electrolytic capacitor against voltage drops. Electrolytic capacitors have (semi-)liquid dielectrics, which can evaporate in a vacuum.

Power Requirements

  • 3.5 VDC to 10.0 VDC / Optimized for alkaline battery power
  • 9V 6mA @ 9V at rest / 35mA @ 9V during piezo and LED operation

Physical properties

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 23.5 mm
  • Weight: ~ 10 grams
  • Mounting via two holes 50 mm apart

Outgoing actions

  • Drogue / Main - The MAIN output can be configured to trigger different events
  • Current capacity 3A @ 9V

Flight data recording

Reports the maximum height and saves this value in the EEPROM. Records the maximum height and battery voltage at startup on the EEPROM

HMI indications

Magnetic buzzer with programmable frequency and high volume (85dB), high efficiency red LED status indicator.
Programming and reading of data on the terminal with LCD screen (not included - to be purchased separately)

Programmable settings

  • High and low beep tone
  • Drogue ejection at apogee / apogee +1 sec.
  • Ejection of both parachutes at apogee, even with delay
  • Using the MAIN output for other events
  • Main parachute ejection programmable at 30 meter intervals starting from 100 m AGL (default 166 m)
  • Metric or imperial units of measurement

Data sheet

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