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D12-6 - Single-Use TSP 24 mm model rocket engine (3 pcs.)

Single-use rocket motors made in Europe! D12 motors with 6 second delay for use in all Estes D12-5 motor models, in a three-piece package. Same dimensions as the Estes D engines (24 x 70 mm) but with a lot more power!

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D12 single-use motors with 6 seconds delay. Suitable for a wide variety of models and as a replacement for Estes D12-5 engines

Pack of 3 pieces with igniters

Totally interchangeable with any 24 x 70 mm motor from other brands (Estes C11 and D12, Aerotech RMS D9 and D15)

These engines are made in Europe by TSP, a manufacturer with decades of experience in making engines for FAI competition rocket models. TSP motors are extremely reliable and very precise, and are more powerful than motors of the same class from other manufacturers. Furthermore, their ignition is particularly easy which makes them suitable for creating multi-engine (cluster) models. All at an unbeatable price and with almost unlimited availability!

More power with the same size
TSP engines use a propellant with superior performance to the traditional one used for example in Estes engines. This means that for the same size a TSP engine produces more thrust than a comparable Estes. And not only that: the initial thrust of these engines is generally higher or lasts longer than the corresponding engines of other brands.
For example, this D12 has an initial thrust of around 30N like the Estes D12, but it is reduced slower and reaches a constant thrust of 12N, while the Estes D12 actually have an average thrust of 10.2N (official NAR data).
This means that the overall thrust of a TSP D12 is close to 13N for real!
Moreover, European manufacturers always make their engines with total impulse equal to or close to the maximum for the category, so this D12 engine has a total impulse of 19 Ns.

Easy to ignite
TSP engines start very easily with any type of igniter. You can use those included in the package, totally free from pyrotechnic material and very reliable, or the Estes starters, the Klima starters, the e-matches, all types of starters in kits (Magnelite, etc.), the FirstFire Aerotech, etc.< br />Their ease of ignition allows you to create clusters of engines and ignite them safely, both using low absorption igniters connected in series, such as Klima or e-matches, and using Klima's Tapematch and Stage Igniters system .

Unprecedented price and availability
These engines are manufactured in the European Community. This means that their transportation is simple, fast and economical, without the complications and costs of importing from the USA and without having to wait impossible times. Coming directly from the manufacturer, availability is virtually unlimited. And the price reflects all this...

CE certification and reliability
The manufacturer TSP has decades of experience in manufacturing engines for FAI competitions. The manufacturing techniques are more than tested to eliminate any manufacturing defects. This makes TSP engines among the most reliable on the market. All TSP motors have the regular CE certificate and are classified P1 according to community regulations.


  • Power. More power than traditional engines of the same size.
  • Reliable. Manufactured by a company with decades of specific experience in the manufacturing of engines for rocket models.
  • Available. No waiting, TSP engines are available in virtually unlimited quantities.
  • Easy to light with any type of igniter (Estes, Klima, Aerotech, Magnelite, Magnefire, E-matches,...)
  • Delay -0. The version without delay is available for all classes of TSP motors, to create multi-stages.
  • Easy clusters. Thanks to the ease of ignition, TSP engines can be grouped into clusters to obtain greater power.
  • Cheap. Compare the price with that of equivalent engines made in the USA.
  • Safe. All TSP motors have the CE mark and have passed the rigorous tests required. The certification is recognized in all EU countries.

Data sheet

70 mm
24 mm
45,5 g
Total Impulse
19 Ns
Thrust duration
1.4 s
0 s
Max. liftoff weight
350 g
Primary use
Booster stages