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Universal Astrocam Camera - Estes

A ready-to-launch camera for rockets! The AstroCam has been specifically designed to capture incredible launches and awe-inspiring views. The Universal AstroCam can fly on any rocket and it is compatible with most standard Estes Rockets and other brand's.

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The Universal AstroCam quickly attaches to any rocket, ready to record launch from takeoff to landing. Record your launch to unveil detailed information about your rocket flight, capture stunning footage to share with friends, or to evaluate your designs and optimize for future flights!

This AstroCam easily attaches with 2 straps, ready to wrap around the airframe. These straps are secured with a little bit of tape, making it easy to take from rocket to rocket to capture every one of your launches. The compact and lightweight profile means it will have a minimal impact on the trajectory of your flight, and can be equipped to almost any rocket!*

The chrome finish makes it easy to spot high in the sky, but the camera hood protects the view from any glare. Despite its small stature, the AstroCam records high-quality video footage and incredible audio. It easily detaches from the rocket and attaches to any USB port on your computer for easy video file management!

* NOTE: The universal Astrocam cannot be used on rockets with a diameter smaller than BT-50 (25 mm) or with complex shape.

Video Format: .avi
Video Resolution:
1920 x 1080, 16:9
Picture format: .jpg
Picture resolution: 2560 x 1440
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Battery Life: 40 Minutes - USB rechargeable
Storage Capacity: 16GB (can support up to 128 GB)
Audio recording: yes

Dimensions: 59mm L x 32mm W x 17mm
Weight: 12 g

Rechargeable battery
16 GB Memory Card - 90 min. recoding

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