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Rocket plane ISKRA Fighter kit

Iskra fighter jet balsa model kit, suitable for TSP-L2HP rocket engines. It can also be launched using the elastic slingshot included in the kit.

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An absolute novelty: a simple and light aircraft assembly kit that flies powered by a small rocket engine, but takes off from your hand!

The Iskra fighter is a balsa airplane, simple and light, which can be launched by hand in free flight, or with an elastic slingshot already included in the kit. But it gets really fun when you power it with a TSP L-2HP rocket engine, made expressely for this type of aircraft.

The very low thrust of the engine and the very long duration allow you to launch this aircraft from your hand without any risk. The plane will gain altitude quickly and continue to climb under the thrust of the engine for several seconds. At the end it will glide gently towards the ground. Now, put on a new engine and go ...

The kit is a rare example of accuracy and completeness. All parts are precisely cut, and the package includes glue, colors to decorate the model and even the brush. The kit is completed by a set of decals.


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22 g
33 cm

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