TSP L-2HP motors

Pack of 8 L-2HP type engines for free-flying rocket gliders. Similar to the old Rapier engines, with an average thrust of 0.25 N

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The TSP L-2HP engines are small engines designed for the propulsion of rocket gliders, with low thrust and very long duration, 15 seconds.

Their thrust is so low that they are only suitable for aircraft models that fly thanks to their wings and only horizontally, and it is not sufficient for vertical flight. The L-2HP motors are a more powerful version (average thrust 0.25 N) of the L-2 motors and have the same length. By the standard model rocket engines coding system, their type is B0.25-P.

The TSP engines are a perfect replacement of Rapier engines of equal characteristics, and which are now no longer in production, and the famous old Jetex engines that no longer exist since the Seventies.

For suitable glider designs, information and advice, please visit Jetex.org, which specializes in this fascinating field of flying modeling.

The package includes 8 motors.


Data sheet

58 mm
12,2 mm
10 g
Average thrust
0,25 N
Thrust duration
12,5 - 20 s