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Super Big Bertha - Estes

The Super Big Bertha is a model rocket kit, bigger "brother" of the famous Big Bertha. Almost 1 meter high and flying with E and F engines!

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The Pro series of Estes kits is enriched with this great model that returns from the past. Famous in the nineties, the Super Big Bertha is the enlarged version of the famous Big Bertha, one of the best-selling kits of all time.

94 cm tall, with a diameter of 66 mm, the Super Big Bertha flies with 29 mm E d F engines, either single-use or reloadable.

This rocket can fly also with Aerotech 24 mm motors, but you need a 24 to 29 mm adapetr like the  Estes 24-29 Adapter (not included).
The construction is traditional, with balsa fins made of several parts and cardboard tubes, a real joy for those who love to glue the parts together, sand and color. The kit is completed by a screw-on motor retainel for a quick change of the used motor, and as always it is equipped with decals.

A launch pad with a 6 mm rod such as the Estes ProSeries II or the Aerotech Mantis is required for launching, and a 12-volt electric launch controller such as the Estes ProSeries II Launch Controller or the Aerotech Interlock Controller.

The kit includes:

  • All the parts that make up the model rocket
  • Pre-assembled plastic parachute

To build this rocket you need (not included):

Cutter, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Aliphatic glue, Masking tape, Fine sanding paper, Spray paints

To launch this rocket you need (not included):

  • Launch pad with 6 mm rod (Estes Pro Series II or Aerotech Mantis)
  • 12 volt launch controller (Estes Pro Series II Launch Controller or Aerotech Interlock)
  • Engines (see recommended engines list)
  • Flameproof wadding or protective sheets for parachutes

Data sheet

94 cm
66 mm
252 g
Motor diameter
29 mm
61 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad
With 6 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Aerotech Single Use 29 mm: F20-7W, F23-7FJ, F27-8RAerotech RMS 29 mm: E16-4W, E23-5T, F22-7JAerotech Single Use 24 mm*: E15-4W, E20-7W, F30-6FJ, F32-6TAerotech RMS 24 mm*: E18-4W, F12-3J, F24-7W

Estes: D12-3 (w/adapter 24/29 mm)
TSP: D12-4, D20-4, E12-4, E20-6 (w/adapter 24/29 mm) - F35-6