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Nose cones NC-60 long - Estes

A new pack of 3 nosecones NC-60 suitable for Estes BT-60 tubes. The elongated shape is best suited to build elegant and streamlined model rockets.

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Pack of 3 warheads NC-60, suitable for Estes BT-60 tubes.

Estes has finally brought back in production these high aspect ratio nosecones, in the 40.5 mm diameter (BT-60 tubes) with which you can build large size rockets that will look really nice. They are also suitable for making scale replicas of actual sounding rockets, which often have nosecones with these shapes.

In the package you find three nosecones. An interesting surprise is that two of the nosecones are combined with two extra parts, detachable with a cutter: a conical transition to be mounted onto the tail of your rocket, and a false nozzle that can add an interesting aesthetic to your project.

With these nosecones and one or more BT-60 tubes can make your medium-sized rocket, typically suitable for 24mm motors like Estes C11 and D12, or even Aerotech single use and rechargeable.

Data sheet

42 mm
Exposed length
130 mm, 200 mm and 210 mm
Outer diameter
42 mm
Inner diameter
40,5 mm