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Plywood coupler bulkplate LCBP-75 - Sierrafox

Plywood disk to make a bulkhead in LOC/Precision tube couplers for 75 mm body tubes

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Plywood disc to close LOC/Precision tube couplers type TC-3.00

The most common use for these disks is to make fuselage sections that can separate from the rest of the rocket. These disks are used to close the coupler at one end, and for attaching a screw eyelet to connect the shock-cord. The most typical use is to make a ayload section.

NOTE: the outer diameter of these disks is smaller than bulkheads (LBP-XX type) because they are intended to be glued inside a coupler, which has obviously a smaller diameter than the tube.

These discs are laser-cut from aeronautical-grade birch plywood, compact, rugged and lightweight, with a thickness of 4 mm.

Laser cutting guarantees high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to this cutting techniques the size of all the disks of the same diameter are perfectly identical to each other, a quality which is not often found in commercial discs made with conventional tools.

Although the diameters are accurate, a small tolerance is possible. The tubes themselves have slight differences in diameter than the nominal value. In these cases a little sanding with fine sandpaper is all what is needed to get a perfect fit.

The bulkplate type is identified by a very simple code, easy to read:

First letter: L = LOC compatible, P = Public Missiles compatible
Remaining three letters: CBP = Coupler BulkPlate
Two digits: diameter of the outer tube in mm

So, for example, the LCBP-66 is a bulkplate compatible with LOC/Precision Ltd. 66 mm tube couplers (TC-2.56)


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75 mm