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Aqua Star - Starter Set

A complete water rocket system which works with almost all commercially available PET bottles! Can be assembled without using adhesives or tools, and flies up to 100 m fly using only water and air!

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AquaStar is a completely new approach to water rocketry: a tail section that adapts to most bottle necks, a soft, aerodynamic foam tip which conforms to all bottles diameters, and provides space to add ballast in the tip, if necessary.

The launch pad is sturdy, tilt-proof and can be folded up for easy carrying. The special water rocket attachment provides a reliable guidance of the rocket during take-off.

The kit contains everything you need:

  • Robust, non-tilting launch pad
  • Triggering device with 3 meter long Bowden, air pump connector and potty-timer
  • Rear part with locking ring and water connection adapter
  • A set of large missile fins
  • Foam tip
  • A roll of special tape to attach the nose cone

You only need a standard bicycle pump and empty PET bottles used for carbonated beverages.

PET bottles have not been included deliberately as there are so many around...

After the missile has been assembled, simply fill the bottle to 1/3 with water, lock the rocket on the launch pad and apply pressure with the bicycle pump then set the pump aside and pull the trigger on the launch controller, which unlocks the rocket.

The rocket must be launched in open areas only under adult supervision in order to avoid potential hazards. Safety instructions must be observed. Only disposable PET bottles may be used for security reasons.