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Starter Set Eridanus RTF - Klima

Complete package with ready-to-fly rocket model, motors, launch pad and electric launch control. Open the package and you are ready for your first launches!

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This Starter Set belongs to the "Ready" series from Klima, ready to fly model rockets that do not require any assembly.

Like all the Klima starter sets, also the Eridanus contains everything you need for your launches, but it has something extra: it's ready to fly!
Open the package, mount the launch pad, insert the motor (the pack contains six) in the already built model, connect the wires and ... launch it!
The Pegasus's the ideal starter set for those who don't have time to build but don't want to give up the thrill of a launch. It is also suitable for all fathers who want their children to live this experience, too small to have the patience needed to build. It uses A-class motor for lower, easy to follow flights, with less risk to lose the rocket.


The "Eridanus" model included in the package is already perfectly assembled and ready to fly as soon as it is removed from the box. It is equipped with plastic fins and a colorful parachute.The component's quality is very high, as well as the instructions that are clear and lavishly illustrated. The rocket is launched with classic 18 mm engines, Klima or Estes, in A, B and C classes. The package includes a box of six A6-4 engines with electric starters, for the first flights.

The launch pad is the same already sold separately. It is one of the best launch pad for this class of rockets we've ever seen. Its large size is perfect for any size of motor up to Estes 24 mm “D” and even some small single-use or reloadable Aerotech motor in the D and E classes. The launch pad is equipped with a 3 mm launch rod but it also accepts 6 mm rods, necessary for models with D and E engines. The tripod is very robust as well as the central block which can be pivoted and it is completed by a steel deflector to protect the ramp and the ground by the exhaust gases.

The launch controller has the classic gun-shaped handle, a 5 meters long cable and stainless steel contact clips (alligators). The controller requires one 9-volt alkaline battery, but you can also install a second one to have more power.


  • Model kit "Eridanus" with plastic fins
  • Plastic parachute
  • Collapsible launch pad
  • 3 mm steel launch rod
  • Electric launch controller
  • A pack of A6-4 engines (6 pcs.) with electric igniters.
  • A bag of flameproof wadding for parachutes

Batteries are not included.

Data sheet

48 cm
26 mm
60 gr
Motor diameter
18 mm
Plastic parachute
Launch pad
3 mm launch rod

Klima: A6-4, B4-4, C6-7
Estes: A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-7