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Lilienthal 40 - RC Rocket Glider

Easy to build radio-controlled rocket glider. A real joy for true modelers! Can fly with TSP L-4 motors as well.

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The Lilienthal 40 RC is an easy-to-build RC glider model. The fuselage offers enough space for 2 micro servos, receiver and battery.

This is a special version modified to accept a rocket motor. After ignition the glider quickly climbs into the sky. After a few seconds, the rocket motor burns out and then you fly the airplane as a pure RC glider.
The wing attachment is reinforced, the space for attaching the rocket motor mount is lasered in dashed lines, and of course a rocket motor mount is also included.
Although the Lilienthal 40 is specially prepared for rocket flight, it can still be used for all other types of flight like slope soaring, tow start or bungee start.
You can use different rocket engines: Klima C2-P, D3-P or D9-P. You can also try the TSP L-4 motor for very long flights.
These engines can be ignited with a fuse which takes 5-6 seconds to burn. The airplane is hand-throwed while the fuse is burning. You can ignite the motor by the standard electric ignition with the glider taking off from a simple inclined slide.

The TSP L-4 motor requires a hand-throwing lift off only, due to its very low thrust, but it will give you a very long powered flight at a speed that every beginner can handle.

The Klima C2-P engine with low thrust is particularly suitable for beginners. The D3-P engine has more thrust and duration, whereas the most experienced pilots can use the powerful D9-P motor which allows an almost vertical climb.
The Lilienthal 40 is built relatively quickly. All parts are precisely laser cut. The leading edge of the model is already milled into shape - sanding is not necessary.
The wing is built up with preformed balsa parts with the help of ribs (Jedelsky profile). The wing external sections have a built-in V-shape surface to glue the winglets on, no need to sand it to get the appropriate angle.
A detailed 3D-style construction manual is included with the kit and also helps rather inexperienced model builder.

Assemblying this Lilienthal 40 model will be a real joy for any model builder who likes to "work with hands" instead of using ready-made airplanes.

Recommended channels: Elevator, Rudder

Not included:
- RC components (micro servos, receiver, battery)
- Adhesives, paints, motors

Data sheet

830 mm
190-220 g
1190 mm


LT40 Add-on instructions

Additional instructions for rocket version

Download (3.91M)

Klima: C2-P, D3-P, D9-P

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