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Destination Mars Longship - Estes

The Destination Mars Longship is part of the Estes Destination Mars series of model rockets representic a futuristic vision of how the Mars exploration vehicles could be. This rocket is over Over 68 cm tall and powered by D and E engines, this detailed model is impressive on display and on the pad.

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The Destination Mars™ Mars Longship™ planetary transport is the lifeline connecting old Earth to new Mars!

This model rocket is a fun to assemble as it is made of many parts to be put together. Fins and other parts are laser-cut balsa, body tubes are the usual high-quality kraft cardboard and a rich set of decals is included, to add realism and detail to the finished rocket. Many parts like the nose cone, the body upper part and some details are blown-molded plastic. Recovery is by a 45 cm plastic parachute, included and fully assembled.

This rocket flies with 24 mm motors, D and E. A 5 mm launch rod is required to launch it.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD IT: scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, carpenter's glue, plastic glue, utility knife, tape, primer, paint. (Tools, construction and finishing materials not included).

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH IT (sold separately): Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad with a 5 mm launch rod or Klima Launch Pad with a 5 mm launch rod, Estes Electron Beam Launch Controller or Klima Launch Controller, motors, starter and protective pad for the parachute. Four high-quality 1.5V AA alkaline batteries or one 9V battery are also required for the launch controller (not included).

Data sheet

34 mm
Motor diameter
24 mm
45 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad
With 5 mm launch rod
Rocket type

Estes: D12-3, E12-4
TSP: D12-4, D20-4, E12-4, E20-6