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Athena - LOC

Athena is a rocket kit to be assembled for class G or H engines. Equipped with a payload section, it is suitable for L1 certification. It also includes parachute Nomex protection.

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LOC/Precision is one of the longest-running brands of rocket kits and components. LOC kits are famous for the quality of the materials, easy construction and low cost.

However LOC/Precision kits have always been essential, made up of the parts strictly necessary for their assembly, and always required the addition of components to be purchased separately.

LOC/Precision has now changed its policy. Not only has it added a slew of new kits, many of which are scale replicas of real rockets and missiles, but it has also included parts so far missing such as nylon shock cords, Nomex protectors for parachutes, and decals.

The Athena is a classic LOC/Precision rocket kit: the construction is basic, very simple although not suitable for beginners. The shock cord is now in tubular nylon, no longer an elastic glued to the tube as it once was. It has a 25 cm long payload section, spacious enough to accommodate electronic devices or cameras.

The motor mount is 29 mm. Its size and weight make it a rocket suitable for G engines or small H engines. For this reason it can be a good choice as a rocket to obtain the High Power Level 1 certification.

The launch guides are the classic tubes for 6 mm launch rods. We always recommend replacing them with rail guides, even if you use this model with G engines. The rail in fact guarantees safe and stable guidance that a simple rod cannot give.

To finish the rocket you will need a 29 mm motor retainer which you will have to buy separately. Self-adhesive decals are included.

Data sheet

150 cm
75 mm
1250 g
Motor diameter
29 mm
Nylon parachute 91 cm
Launch pad
With 6 mm launch rod
Rocket type
With payload
Recommended Engines
High-end G, small H