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Solar Flare - Klima

Large cluster model rocket, quick to assemble, with payload section and integrated parachute protection system.

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One-and-a-half meter and four motors! These are the main features of this rocket that will fly like it had a larger motor, but at a fraction of the cost!

The Solar Flare uses a cluster of four motors, ignited at the same time. This gives the rocket four times the thrust. You can easily imagine how high this rocket will go with all that power...! Just imagine: four C6 motors equals one E24, four Klima D9 motors equals one F36! All this at a very cheap price! Of course you can experiment with many other motor combinations.

With all this power you can easily bring a payload aloft, thanks to the payload section included: electronic devices, video and photocameras and many others.

For a safe and reliable ignition all the times you will have to use Stage Igniters and Tapematch, with only one igniter. No need of powerful launch controller with huge batteries, a standard 6 volt launch controller is all what you will need.

The fuselage is made with three high quality kraft cardboard tubes, with white surface, and the fins and their fincan are made of plastic. The fins slides into the fincan slots which guarantees a precise alignment with no effort.

A special feature of this rocket, like all those in the EXPERT series of Klima, is its ejection gas cooling and filtering system (deflector or "baffle") that protects the parachute without the need to use flameproof wadding or sheets. The advantage is that the protection effect is always guaranteed, while wadding can always be not enough or placed in such a way that the gases can escape and hit the parachute. In addition, the time required for preparation for a new flight is extremely short.

The assembling of this model rocket is extremely quick, thanks to its plastic fincan. Fins can be glued with a bit of glue, but it is often not necessary because the slots are so precise to hold the fins in its place by friction only. The kit is completed by a large self-adhesive decals sheet for decoration.

Recovery is guaranteed by the included 70 cm nylon parachute.

To launch the rocket you need a launch pad with 6 mm rod, like the Klima launch pad, the Estes Pro Pad "E" launch pad, the Estes Pro Series II Launch Pad or the Aerotech Mantis. To start the rocket you need an electric launch control like the Klima controller or the Estes "E" launch controller. Launch pad and launch controller are not included.

Data sheet

152 cm
50 mm
320 gr
Motor diameter
18 mm
70 cm nylon parachute
Launch pad
6 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Klima: 4 x B4-4, 4 x C6-7, 2 x C6-5 + 2 x C6-P, 2 x C6-P + 2 x D9-5, 2 x D9-7 + 2 x D9-P Estes: 4 x B4-4, 4 x B6-4, 4 x C6-7