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Sirius - Klima

Have fun building this classic rocket capable of flights to 400 meters.

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The Sirius is part of the "Classic" family of Klima rocket kits, the only European manufacturer of rockets and accessory kit.

This kit line includes rocket that need to be fully assembled, with wooden fins, slotted body tube and requiring painting. Self adhesive decals adds a touch of colour to your color scheme.


The Sirius has a nice shape thanks to its long fins, and flies with 18 mm B, C and D motors. You can fly it with both Klima or Estes B or C motors, and with 18 mm D motors available from Klima (D9).

The kit includes a white kraft cardboard body tube with four pre-cut fins slots, four precision cut light plywood fins, a plastic nosecone, the parachute and its shock cord, the launch lug and the motor mount with motor retainer.

The fins are made of a nice light plywood, not much heavier than balsa but much stronger. This material is easy to work with, easy to sand to get an airfoiled profile and easy to smooth it out to be filled and painted.

Fin tabs are inserted into slots cut in the body tube and are glued also to the motor mount underneath, for a greater strength.

To help aligning the fins correctly, this kit is provided with a fin alignment guide that slips on the body tube and keeps the fins aligned until the glue is dry. A very nice addition usually not found in any kit.

The body tube is made of light and strong white kraft cardboard, the surface is smooth and quite glossy. You can even leave it as it is, without painting, and get a nice effect anyway.

The launch lug is the classical little tube that must be glued along the root of a fin, and thus is aligned without difficulty.

As with all Klima rocket kits, the shock cord is made partly in kevlar and partly with elastic cord, and it is tied to the motor mount for the maximum strength. It is a very good way to make a shock cord in this class of rockets and guarantees it a long life.

The kit is completed by well-made instructions, rich of illustrations. Being a kit made in Europe, the instructions are written in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

As there are various parts to be finished and glued, and the rocket have to be painted (although it is not mandatory), the time for the assembly varies from one hour to two hours according to the builder ability and the care in painting it.

The kit includes self-adhesive decals.

As said above, the Sirius flies with 18 mm engines. You can use either Klima or Estes, but if you want to use the most powerful motor in this size you have to choose Klima D9-7. We would try also with Aerotech D21 Single Use or Aerotech RMS reloadable motor with a D13 reload, but only if the rocket is built very well and strong because these motors are really powerful. If you want to try these motors, please make sure you have a large field available and you must use a 12 volt launch controller.

The recovery is via a 40 cm plastic parachute, which must be cut from the pre-printed plastic sheet included, with printed instructions on it, and the shroud lines are cut from the thread included in the package and must be tied to the parachute.

  • Plastic nosecone
  • Kraft cardboard body tube with pre-cut slots for fins.
  • Fins in lightweight plywood, glued to the motor mount
  • Fin alignment guide
  • Motor mount 18 mm
  • 40 cm plastic parachute
  • Instructions in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

To launch this rocket you need a launch pad with 3mm launch rod, like the Klima Pad or Estes Astron II or Porta Pad, and a launch controller like the Klima Controller, the Astron II Estes Launch Controller or Estes Electron Beam.

Engines, glue, paint and batteries are not included.

Data sheet

49,5 cm
80 gr
Motor diameter
18 mm
40 cm plastic parachute
Launch pad
3 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Klima B4-4, C6-5, D9-7 - Estes B4-4, B6-4, C6-5

Klima: B4-4, C6-5, D9-7
Estes: B4-4, B6-4, C6-5

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