G25W-10A - Reload 29 mm Aerotech

Long-burn reload kit for Aerotech RMS 29/120 motor, with White Lightning propellant and 10 seconds adjustable delay.

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Long-burning White Lightning reload for Aerotech RMS-29/120 reloadable motor.
The G25W-10A is a reload different than the others because of the particular propellant geometry which allows a much longer burn time than the other reloads of this size.

The propellant grain, in fact, has a "moonburner" geometry and is molded in a single block rather than in different grains to be joined. The result is an incredible 4.5 seconds duration!

The included 10 seconds delay can be adjusted with the RDDT tool.

When to use this reload?

The G25W-10A is suitable for single-engine rocket models up to 500 gr, when you want to reach high altitudes or to simulate the flight of real space carriers with scale rockets, or in combination with boosters with higher thrust and lower burntime.

Each reload kit for Aerotech RMS reloadable motors includes the propellant, the delay element, the nozzle, cardboard liners and o-rings needed to assemble them into the motor. Every reload component burns during the flight or gets unusable therefore it is thrown after use. The motor itself it is used countless times.

Package includes all the components needed to assemble one complete reloads.

Data sheet

29 mm
Total Impulse
120 Ns
Thrust duration
4.5 sec.
10 sec. (adjustable)
Max. liftoff weight
500 gr
Primary use
Single Stage rockets