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SA-2061 "Sasha" - Estes

Inspired by Russian military missiles, this 24mm two-stage model rocket is great fun to build and launch.

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Right from the first glance, this model fascinates: the SA-2061 "SASHA" follows the typical appearance of Russian military missiles, even if it is a fantasy model.

First of all, it is large: 80 cm in length and 42 mm in diameter. Then it`s a two-stage for 24 mm D and E motors, so it flies high and makes a great show!

And then, if you like to build this model is right for you. The construction is traditional, you have to glue the balsa laser-cut fins, and they are a lot, twelve! You will then have to paint teh rocket and apply the included decals.

The kit is complete, like all Estes kits, and it also includes the screw motor retainer and not the usual metal hook.

Finally, if you wish, you can also launch it in a single-stage version with 24 mm Aerotech motors, both single-use and reloadable.

The kit includes:

  • All the parts that make up the rocket model
  • 45 cm preassembled plastic parachute
  • Water decals
  • Illustrated and detailed instructions

What you need to build it (not included):

Cutter, scissors, ruler, pencil, aliphatic glue, masking tape, transparent adhesive tape, fine abrasive paper, spray paints.

What you need to fly it (not included):

  • Launch pad with 6 mm rod
  • Launch controller (if using Aerotech engines it must be 12 volts)
  • Engines (see list of recommended engines)
  • Flameproof wadding or parachute protection sheets

Data sheet

80 cm
42 mm
172,9 g
Motor diameter
24 mm
Plastic parachute 45 cm
Launch pad
With 5 mm launch rod
Rocket type

Estes: D12-5, D12-7 Booster : D12-0
TSP: D12-6, D12-8, D20-6, D20-8, E12-8, E20-8 Booster: D12-0, D20-0, E12-0, E20-0