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Estes motors A8-5

Pack of 3 Estes 18 mm model rocket motors type A8-5 for upper stages.

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For light upper stages.

If you have a small two-stager, this is the ideal engine for the upper stage. You can use it also in very light single-stage rockets.

When to use this engine

This engine is similar to the A8-3 but with a longer delay. For this reason it should be used in very light rockets (less than 60 gr) or in the upper stage of a multi-stage model. If you use it in heavier rockets, the long delay makes the parachute open too late and it will surely break. In some cases, the model could even reach the ground before opening the parachute.

Package contains 3 engines, 3 starters, 3 plugs for starters.

Data sheet

70 mm
18 mm
17.6 gr
Total Impulse
2.5 Ns
Thrust duration
0.5 sec.
5 sec.
Max. liftoff weight
57 gr
Primary use

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