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Estes motors B6-2

The right thrust for heavy model rockets.
The B6-2 is the best engine for the heaviest of the rockets which use B engines.

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When to use this engine

The B6-2 engine can lift a 127 g model rocket (including the weight of the engine itself), so it is the engine to choose to launch a rocket that uses B engines and is a bit heavy, or of abundant diameter (for example 40 mm). To give you an idea, the B6-2 is the ideal engine for rockets like the Estes Big Bertha.

Of course you can also use it in Klima or other brands rockets of comparable size and weight.

The package contains 3 engines, 3 starters, 3 plugs for starters.

Data sheet

70 mm
18 mm
17.3 gr
Total Impulse
5 Ns
Thrust duration
0.8 sec.
2 sec.
Max. liftoff weight
127 gr
Primary use
Single Stage rockets