Klima motors C6-0

C6 motors without delay and ejection charge, for first stage or booster stages.

Includes 6 high reliability electric starter

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C6 motors without delay and ejection charge, to be used exclusively for first stages or intermediate stages of multistage rockets. Without the delay and the ejection charge this motor can ignite the upper stage.

Standard 18mm motors suitable for Estes, Quest and many other kits.
Package includes 6 Motors.

Includes 6 high reliability electrical starters for 100% safe starts!

The package includes 6 Stage Igniters to promote upper stage ignition.

New formula with composite propellant - Made in Europe

Data sheet

70 mm
18 mm
25 gr
Total Impulse
10 Ns
Thrust duration
1,6 s
Max. liftoff weight
120 gr
Primary use
Booster stages