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Klima motors D9-P

Pack of six D9 plugged motors, without ejection carge and delay. Useful as boosters in scale model or as additional motors in cluster rockets.

Includes 6 hi-reliability electric igniters.

NOTE: We cannot ship these motors to USA

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D9 motors with plugged end (no delay - no ejection charge)
Same size of standard "C" motors. This is a full 20 Ns D motor in the size of a C !

These plugged motors are used as boosters in scale models or any other application where delay and parachute ejection are not needed. Cannot be used to ignite an upper stage.

Includes 6 high reliability electric igniters for a 100% safe start!

New formulation with composite propellant - Made in Europe

Length: 70 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 33 gr
Max liftoff weight: 180 gr 
Burn time: 2.1 sec.
Use: boosters

Data sheet

18 mm