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Klima motors C2-0

C2 motors without delay and ejection charge
Same size of standard "C" motors, long burn time: 5.0 seconds !

Includes 6 high reliability electric starter

NOTE: We cannot ship these motors to USA

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This is a full 10 Ns C motor, a perfect replacement for the famous Held 1000. You can also use it in your glider as a booster with a D3-P or a C6-P for a very long thrust of 10 seconds or more!

These motors are used in rocket boost-gliders, small RC gliders or any other application where long duration and low thrust are needed, and delay and parachute ejection are not needed.

Max liftoff weight: 40 gr (vertical flight) - 100 grams or more (gliders)

Includes 6 high reliability electrical starters for 100% safe starts!

New formulation with composite propellant - Made in Europe

Data sheet

70 mm
18 mm
Thrust duration
Max. liftoff weight
Primary use
Rocket gliders