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Klima motors D9-7

D9 motors with 7 second delay, for upper stages in multistage rockets, or for very light rockets.

Includes 6 high reliability electric starter

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D9 motors with a 7 second delay, for upper stages in multi-stage rockets or for very light rockets, where a shorter delay would cause an early parachute deployment.

Same size of standard "C" motors but much more thrust - 9 N instead of 6 N (30% more!) - and more burn time (2.1s !). This is a full 20 Ns D motor in the size of a C !

Use them in your rockets for B or C motors to see them go much much higher! 

Suitable for Estes, Quest and any other brand kit designed for 18 mm motors.
Package includes 6 Motors. 

Includes 6 high reliability electrical starters for 100% safe starts!

New formulation with composite propellant - Made in Europe

 70 mm
Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 32.5 gr
Max liftoff weight: 100 gr
Burn time: 2.1 sec.
Use: Upper stage or very light single stage

Data sheet

70 mm
18 mm
32.5 g
Total Impulse
20 Ns
Thrust duration
2.1 s
Max. liftoff weight
100 g
Primary use
Single Stage rockets