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E20-7W Econojet - Aerotech Single Use Motors 24 mm

White Lightning single-use E motors with a 7-second delay, in package of two. Same size of an Estes "D" (24 x 70 mm)

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White Lightning E motors with a 7-second delay.
Single use composite motors for 24 mm motor mounts (Aerotech and other kits). These E Econojets have the same size of Estes D motors, but with much more power! They can be used in every kit designed for motors D, E9, E12, etc.

White Lightning propellant is the most popular of Aerotech production. It has a high impulse and produces a bright white flame with a lot of smoke.

Package includes 2 Motors and 2 new, reliable igniters.

Data sheet

70 mm
24 mm
49 g
Total Impulse
35 N s
Thrust duration
1.6 s
7 s
Max. liftoff weight
269 g
Primary use
Single Stage rockets