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Engine retaining hooks A - B - C

Set of hooks to retain 18 mm type A, B and C motors

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Pack of clips to hold 18 mm motors in motor mounts.

They are the classic metal hooks to be glued along the motor mount tubes for 18 mm type A, B, C motors, and also for Klima D9 or Aerotech 18 mm RMS. This clip is a longer version of standard clip, which rests on the motor block and is more durable than standard clip.

In the standard motor mount motor clip often damages the tube when ejection charge is fired. The ejection charge pushes the motor down and thin paper wall is the only thing preventing the clip from being pushed out. You will often notice that the clip in the standard mount falling out or can be freely moved up and down after couple launches. This clip is longer and it rests on the thick thrust ring, which does not allow the clip to move down and damage the tube. Since the clip is longer you need 82 mm or longer motor tubes.

The shaped lower form protrudes beyond the motor mount tube and allows a rapid exchange of the used motors after each flight. The shape is slightly convex so as to create a tension that keeps the hook pressed against the engine.

The set comes with 2 clips and 2 thrust rings.


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75 mm
3 mm
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