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Nose cone PNC-1.9" - LOC/Precision

Plastic nose cone for LOC BT-1.9 tubes (48 mm)

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Plastic nose cone suitable for LOC BT-1.9 tubes (48 mm). It is equipped with a hook for the parachute cable and has a length/diameter ratio. of 5:1

The plastic the nose cones are made of can be difficult to glue and paint. Before using the nose cone, wash it very well with boiling soapy water and dry it. In this way the residues of the release agent are removed.
Fill the imperfections with a plastic filler such as Squadron Green or White, or with body filler. Do not use aggressive solvents such as acetone or nitro thinner.

Data sheet

229 mm
48 mm (1.9")
46,7 g
Shoulder length
50 mm