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Adapter 18 - 24 mm - Klima

Adapter for mounting 18 mm diameter motors (Klima or Estes) in 24 mm diameter engine mounts (C11 and D12 Estes engines).

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This adapter allows the use of 18 mm motors, such as the Estes or the Klima C, in rockets with a motor mount for 24mm motors.

Using this motor adapter you can mount, for example, a D9 Klima motor in a rocket made for the C11 or D12 Estes engines. Rockets weighin' no more than 120 grams that fly normally with C11 or D12 engines can be used with B or C engines through this accessory. Always be careful that the thrust is sufficient for a stable and safe flight!

The adapter is made of cardboard and pre-assembled. After you have taken the precise measurements we advise you to glue the two centering rings included.

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