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Launch rail SierraRail

Anodized aluminium launch rail for every rocket with standard rail guides.

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Launch rails are the most effective guides for rockets of all sizes, especially those of larger dimensions. Due to their rigidity they stably drive the rocket in the take-off phase, the most critical, and avoid the so-called "whiplash" typical of launch rods.

The SierraRail is made of thick anodized aluminum, and it is suitable for all guides for 6 mm groove. It has four grooves all usable, so that when one of them gets excessively dirty and no more smooth, you can use another one.

The rail has a square section of 30 x 30 mm, a standard size now used throughout Europe and the USA, and has been designed to fit perfectly our SierraPad launch pad. The rail comes in two 1-meter parts, joined by a connector with screws. The 2 meters length is good for almost every rocket including High Power ones. If you need a longer rail ("slow" motors or very large rockets) you can add a 1 meter SierraPad XT extension (sold separately).


  • 2 m long, in 2 sections of 1 m each
  • Groove slot 6 mm
  • Square size 30 x 30 mm 
  • Thick anodized aluminium 
  • Accepts any 6 mm rail guides: nylon, delrin or aluminium buttons, low-drag profile, airfoiled, Public Missiles Ltd. linear guides 

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