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Igniter wires MF-24

Lead wires with Ni-Cr soldered element to make MagFire low current ignitors for ejection charge.

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Isolated copper wires with NiChrome element already soldered, to produce low current igniters for ejection charges.

These wires can be used in two ways:

- With MF-KIT (sold separately) you can make very sensitive, low current igniters for ejction charges, to be used in conjunction with an electronic device such as an altimeter, a flight computer or others.

- With the CF-KIT (sold separately) you can make highly reliable, low current motor igniters, suitable also for clusters. They reliably ignite from Estes.type motors up to any Aerotech composite motor.  The length of these wires makes them suitable for motors from "H" to "K" type.

Resistance: 1 ohm (+/- 0.2 ohm)
Length: 60 cm.
With MF-KIT pyrogen: ignition current 1,6 A @ 1,5 Volt
With CF-KIT pyrogen: ignition current 2,3 A @ 6 Volt
Bag of 12 wires