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Easy Timer - Altus Metrum

Programmable two-channel timer to control parachute ejection or other events during flight.

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Easy Timer is a small electronic timer with two programmable channels, to control up to two events during the flight (ignition of auxiliary engines, second stage ignition, ejection charges, etc.)
The inertial unit included is the same as the TeleMega and EasyMega, and allows launch detection based on acceleration and tilt-limiting.
This means that an event can be configured for a certain time after launch, or after an engine shutdown, with the ability to prevent such an event if the rocket's inclination exceeds a safe limit.
For multi-stage projects or projects that require starting engines in flight, the EasyTimer is an excellent low-cost alternative to other more sophisticated Altus Metrum products, while retaining all the safety features of tilt limiting.


  •      Two programmable flight state event and timer-based pyro channels with tilt limits
  •      USB for configuration
  •      Use batteries from 3.7 to 12 volts
  •      Dimensions: 38mm x 20mm

You can download the PDF manual for the EasyMega and other Altus Metrum devices further down the page.

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38 mm
20 mm
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