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Screw Switch - Missile Works

Safety switch for on-board electronics.
The Missile Works Screw Switch ensures perfect contact immune to shocks and vibrations.

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The Missile Works Screw Switch is a safe solution to switch-on the electronic devices on board. The contact is made by a screw that electrically connects two tracks of a small printed circuit board once is fully screwed down.

You know how important it is to have a 100% guarantee that your electronics stays on during the whole flight, especially if it your only way to deploy the recovery system. Switches taken from other circuits, or with spring mechanisms, have always an high risk of false contacts or opening during the flight, due to the stresses they are subjected. Sometimes it happens that a switch is opened for a very short moment when it is subjected to high accelerations, such as those that are encountered at lift-off. In these cases the altimeter can reset itself or switch-off, thus becoming unable to eject the parachute as expected.

Screw switches such as the Missile Works Switch Screw are so simple that any malfunction is excluded by design.

This set includes the switch, a cover that serves as a screwdriver guide and prevents the contact screw from getting lost, and mounting screws.

It can be fixed on any plate, and the same fixing screws can act as electrical contact. The contact can also be made by soldering two wires to two tracks. These tracks have also holes at the right distance to be able to solder a small screw connection block (not included). You'll then have three possibilities to link your circuits to this switch.

  • Contact 100% safe
  • Small size
  • Negligible weight
  • Mounts with two screws
  • 3 possibility of contact: between the mounting screws, wires soldered on the copper pads, screw connector soldered to the circuit.

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32 mm
10 mm
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