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RRC2+ barometric altimeter - Missile Works

Barometric altimeter for dual-deployment in high performance model rockets, programmable directly from the board.

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The RRC2+ is a barometric dual-deploy altimeter, with a feature set for beginners and experts alike. The unit is extremely small and very easy to install and operate. It's programmed using a very straightforward DIP switch configuration method. No User Manual or documentation is required on the field, as all the switch settings are printed right on the altimeter itself. It is a real “buy-it-and-fly-it” device, at a price your rocketry budget will surely appreciate.


Architectural Features

16MHz 16-bit MSP430 Series mCU MSI MS5607 Pressure sensor

Note: This high resolution altimeter sensor has a 24 bit ΔΣ ADC, with internal factory calibrated coefficients which provide a precise digital 24 bit pressure and temperature.

Operational Range

  • 12000 m MSL (Sensor system is 30000 m MSL capable)

Note: The RRC2+ uses an electrolytic brownout capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors have (semi-)liquid dielectrics, which can boil off in vacuum.

Power Requirements

3.5 VDC to 10.0 VDC / Optimized for 9V battery power

  • 6ma @ 9V quiesecent / 35ma @ 9V during piezo and LED operation

Physical Properties

  • Length: 58mm (2.28")
  • Width: 23.5mm (0.925")
  • Weight: ~10 grams
  • Mounts via 50 mm hole centers (same as RRC2-mini)

Output Events

Drogue / Main 5A@ 9V current sinking

Flight Data Recording

  • Reports peak altitude "post flight" and saves this value to EEPROM
  • Reports EEPROM peak altitude and battery voltage at power up

HMI Feedback

  • Programmable frequency and extra loud 85dB magnetic buzzer
High efficiency red LED status indicator

Programmable Settings

  • High/Low Beep Tone
  • Apogee Drogue Event / Apogee +1 second Drogue Event
  • Main Events at 100 m, 166 m, 266 m or 330 m AGL

Data sheet

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