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MicroPeak USB Adapter V2

Data interface for MicroPeak and MicroSplash altimeters. It connects to the PC via an USB port and reads the data from the altimeter through an optical interface.

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The MicroPeak USB adapter v2 is the latest version of the data download interface for MicroPeak altimeter. The circuit board is in a plastic box with a hole aligned for easy use: just stick the LED on MicroPeak into the hole and you can expect perfect downloads every time! 

The MicroPeak USB Interface board provides a way to capture MicroPeak/MicroSplash flight logs over a USB connection to a computer running Linux, Mac OS or Windows.
The altimeter can store up to 48 seconds of flight, taking a altitude reading ever 192 mili-seconds.
Once the software has been loaded (download it from Altus Metrum - click HERE for the latest version), and the USB Adapter is connected to an USB port of your computer, data transfer can be established.
MicroPeak or MicroSplash transmits the entire flight log via the LED just after reporting the last flight altitude at power up.
The MicroPeak USB Interface board contains a phototransistor that reads the data from the altimeter LED and sends them to the computer through the USB port
The software will plot the altitude, acceleration, and speed of the rocket based on the barometric data downloaded from the MicroPeak altimeter.


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