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Proxima - Klima

Large multi-engine rocket, easy to build.

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The Proxima will be a real satisfaction if you want to build a large yet simple rocket, without the need to use expensive engines or equipment other than those you already own.

Over a meter long, and with a diameter of 75 mm, the Proxima is equipped with a motor support that houses six 18 mm motors. This means you will get six times more power than a single engine, and you can enjoy combining engines of various powers together to experiment with different flight profiles.
Just imagine: six D9 engines have the same power as a G54 engine!

The engine support includes the retaining system of the motors, by means of a stainless steel screw.

The construction is simple, even if not recommended for absolute beginners: the fins are made of plastic and fit into a fin-can made of plastic too. This system allows the fitting of perfectly aligned fins without any effort. Other internal parts are light and robust plywood at the same time. To finish the rocket you will need spray paints, whereas the self-adhesive decals are included.

An interesting detail, common to the whole "Expert" series of Klima models, is the device for filtering the gas of the expulsion charge, which makes the use of protective wadding superfluous. Thanks to this system the parachute (nylon, pre-assembled and included) is perfectly protected and will last forever.

IMPORTANT: For the simultaneous ignition of all engines we strongly recommend using the Tapematch in conjunction with the Stage Igniters. You can find them in the Motors> Starters category.

In addition, to guide the model safely during the launch phase, it is necessary to use a 6 mm launch rod.

This rocket requires a launch pad with 6 mm launch rod like the Klima Launch Pad, or a larger one such as the Aerotech Mantis, and an electric launch controller as the Estes Electron Beam, the Estes Astron Launch Controller or the Klima Launch Controller.

The kit includes:

  • Every part needed to build the rocket model (tubes, rings, plastic parts, etc.)
  • Self-adhesive decals
  • Pre-sewn nylon parachute
  • Detailed instructions in english, french, german, spanish, italian

To assemble the rocket you need (not included):

Hobby knife, scissors, tweezers, ruler, pencil, aliphatic glue, masking tape, transparent adhesive tape, fine sandpaper, spray paints

To launch your rocket you need (not included):

  • Launch pad with 6 mm rod
  • Launch controller
  • Engines (see Recommended engine list)

Data sheet

109 cm
75 mm
550 gr
Motor diameter
18 mm
70 cm nylon parachute
Launch pad
6 mm launch rod
Recommended Engines
Klima: 3xB4-4 + 3xC6-P, 3xC6-5 + 3xC6-P, 3xC2-P + 3xD9-7, 3xD3-P + 3xD9-7

3xB4-4 + 3xC6-P
3XC6-5 + 3XC6-P
2XC2-P + 3XD9-7
3XD3-P + 3XD9-7